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Cornrows originated in Africa and the Caribbean β€” their very name indicates agriculture, planting, and labor. β€œIn Trinidad, we call them β€˜cane rows,’ because of slaves planting sugar cane,” says Patrice Grell Yursik, author of the blog AfroBella. They are an intrinsic part of the Black tradition for both men and women or, as Davis puts it, β€œThey’re part of our cultural and artistic vocabulary.” The Thin Line Between Fashionable & Offensive (via dynamicafrica)

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Frida during seance

Flowering Desert, Chile
The flowering desert is a climatic phenomenon that occurs in the Atacama Desert, known as the driest place in the world. The phenomenon consists of the blossoming of a wide variety of flowers between the months of September and November in years when rainfall is unusually high. The flowering desert involves more than 200 species of flower most of them endemic to the Atacama region.
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Miguel - Use Me Β 

dis be fall quarter tho

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